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Review: Klenspop Cara Green Lens

I always feared wearing lenses as i had a hard time inserting them and no matter how hard i tried, i always ended up irritating my eyes in the process. I liked cosmetic lenses but after continuous failed attempts to insert the lens.. i finally gave up.. until i came across the Klenspop Lenses..

Klenspop is a Korean online website which deals in almost every Korean brand of lenses bringing them all at one platform so that the customers can easily select and purchase lenses of their choice. They have Clear Lens, Pack lens, Circle lens, Lens accessories and even makeup in stock. There is a huge variety to select from.

Purchasing the lenses is extremely easy. Each lens has the description alongwith a picture of the actual lenses and you can also select the power of lenses according to your prescription. The prices are amazing and really affordable.

The lenses are safely packed in bubble wrap to avoid any damage. The delivery is super fast. I got mine within 10 days. You can find the shipping details here.

I have previously reviewed the Klenspop Bunny Color Brown Lens here and the Klenspop Tears Lens Gray here. I love both of these!

This time i was kindly sent the Cara Green Lens by Klenspop. I love my natural eye color which is a medium brown shade but i always wanted to try green lenses as i love green eyes. Well I guess Klenspop heard my wish!

The Cara Green lenses come in a cardboard box with a pretty face on the front and a lens manual on the back to help with wearing and taking off the lenses.

Inside the box, you get a pair of cute mini plastic tweezers for picking up the lenses to avoid any contamination. You also get a lens case which is a cute plastic case with a pink and a white lid. The lids have L & R written on them to avoid mixing up of the right and left lenses incase you have different powers for them. The box also contains two vials each containing a lens.

The actual lenses come in glass vials which have the power mentioned on the cap. I ordered mine in 0.00 power as I have a normal vision. The front of the vials have the base curve and diameter printed on them while the back has some information in Korean which I was unable to read. The lenses are placed in lens solution inside the vials so you don't need any extra solution. However for further use, you can purchase a separate lens solution.

Here is a detailed information on the lenses: (Taken from the website)

  • Brand: M.I Contact
  • Diameter: 14.0mm
  • Graphic Diameter: 13.3mm
  • Water Content: 38%
  • Base Curve: 8.6mm
  • Life Span: 1 Year (Max.)

The Cara Green Lens have a black rim with a green inner color. They have a beautiful gradient pattern formed by the black lines running through the green. I absolutely love these!

The are extremely comfortable to wear. They are really light and do not feel heavy in the eyes. They do not irritate or dry out the eyes at all. They look really natural and blend well with the natural eye color. The quality of these lenses is really great.

They are extremely easy to insert and take off. I simply opened the vials and poured some of the solution into the lens case and then dropped the lens in it. I then picked up the lens with the tweezers and placed it on my index finger. I then pulled down my lower eyelid with my middle finger and pulled up my upper eyelid with the other hand and looking straight into the mirror, i gently inserted the lens onto my actual iris. I then closed my eye and moved my eye from left to right to get the lens correctly positioned. I opened my eye and Voila! It was perfectly placed.. 

You can store them in the lens case they come with once you take them off but make sure to use a fresh lens solution each time.. I simply love these and would definitely try more colors too..

Lenses should always be inserted before wearing any makeup. Green lenses look great with a black smokey eye as it allows the eye color to really pop out..

Here is how these lenses look on me :)

Here is a before and after comparison:

Before: My Natural Eyes

After: Wearing the Lenses

These lenses retail for only $13 and can be found on the Klenspop Website here.

Check out their other lenses as well. they have a wide variety to choose from.

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I hope you liked my review :) Have you tried any Klenspop Lenses?


Disclaimer: This is a PR sample sent to me for review purpose. I was not paid to write this review. The fact that the product was free does not influence my opinion at all. The views expressed are genuinely mine and I have been completely honest.

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