Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Review: Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer in Stellar

I seldom apply lipglosses as they tend to be sticky and i am not a big fan of that tacky feeling either.. However Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquers changed the game for me..

Rimmel is my favourite drugstore brand/high street brand.. Not only are their products affordable but also of great quality.. Rimmel recently launched the Apocalips Lip Lacquers and i got my hands on the shade "Stellar".

The Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquers are globally available in 13 shades which can be viewed here.. They range from nudes to pinks to peachy oranges and bright pinks and reds too.. I love the color selection of this range.. There is something for everyone!

Stellar is a beautiful neon pinkish red shade but it is not a "in the face" neon.. It is more like a pink toned berry shade.. It is a lovely "night out" shade which can also be carried with ease during the day time for a slightly bolder look.. 

The Product comes in a beautifully designed plastic "lip-gloss" kind of packaging.. it is two toned with a black upper half while the lower half is transparent making it easy to view the actual shade of the product. the lid is what i love about the packaging. It has a beautiful geometric crystal like pattern on it which is quite unique..The packaging is sturdy and does not leak at all. The shade is mentioned on the side.

I love the applicator!! It resembles an ordinary lipgloss applicator but has a slight modification to it. It is dome shaped with a tiny well in the centre which collects the product so that you can get the required coverage in a single application. It makes the application extremely easy and the product just glides smoothely on the lips.

The formulation and consistency is really smooth, creamy and opaque. It is not heavy or sticky. It feels quite light on the lips. These lip laqcuers have a satin finish but turn slightly matte after some time. They are extremely longlasting and survive meals as well! I hardly need any touch ups..

The only drawback is that these transfer onto mugs and glasses.. Other than that i did not find any cons..

The also have a slight fruity scent to them and i actually love it! 

I simply love these and would definitely be purchasing other shades from this range..

Here is a swatch of it..

Here is how it looks on my lips..

The Rimmel Apocalip Lip Lacquers are easily available around the globe at all drugstores.. They retail for around 5.99 British pounds.

In Pakistan these can be found at the rimmel counters.. They are also available at saloni.pk. They retail for less than 1000 PKR.

I hope you enjoyed this review :)


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