Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Review: Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter in Golden Lights

Hello my lovely readers.. Today i am back with an interesting review on my current favourite highlighter.. The Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter in Golden Lights..

I had been looking for a nice and affordable highlighter for ages.. I really wanted to get my hands on the Mary Lou-Manizer by The balm.. but the price was so high that i couldn't make up my mind whether i wanted to spend that much on a single highlighter or not.. so i continued searching for an affordable alternative and well i was extremely surprised to find this baby!

I ordered mine alongwith a couple of other things by Makeup Revolution from I have written a full review on my online experience with this site here. So here goes a review on this new love of mine..

The Makeup Revolution Baked Highlighters comes in three shades globally- Pink Lights, Peach Lights and Golden Lights. However in Pakistan only two shades are available- Peach Lights and Golden Lights. Pink lights and Peach lights are more suitable for cooler skin tones whereas Golden lights is more suitable for warmer skin tones.. I got mine in Golden Lights as that is what suits me..

The packaging is quite simple but sturdy. It is a simple flat round plastic pan with a flip over transparent lid through which the product is visible. It has a click close lid but unfortunately i got a defective piece and my lid does not click properly :( So i have to take extra care of it :( The front has the name on it while the back has the ingredients alongwith the shade.

The product itself has a lovely embossed pattern on it which has not disappeared even though i used it a couple of times. This highlighter is a baked product so it is extremely soft, creamy and highly pigmented! It feels so buttery!

You get around 7.5 gm of product which is absolutely wonderful for the price tag it comes with and will definitely last for ages..

This highlighter is a dream to apply. It does not appear chalky at all and doesn't give any fall outs. It gives a beautiful glow once blended. It does not contain noticeable shimmer particles in it which is great because i prefer the shine but i hate large glitter specks sitting on my skin as those tend to go everywhere! It gives a beautiful glow to the skin and appears natural even in daylight which is a WOW for such an affordable product!

I apply it with my fingers as it is so easy to blend. Sometimes i use a small flat top brush to apply it.. A small fan brush can also be used. I use a really small quantity of it because it is quite pigmented and you really don't need much.. I apply it on the high points of my cheeks, On the bridge of my nose, a bit above my eyebrows, On my cupids bow and also on my chin. It is great for highlighting the brow bone and inner corner of the eyes.. Well i am so much in love with it that i won't mind having it all over my eyelids!

So to sum it all up.. I think this highlighter is worth buying and i would definitely repurchase it if i ever run out of it!

Here is a swatch of this highlighter..

Left: Swatched  Right: Blended

You can find these in Pakistan from for 550 PKR. International readers can find them on the Makeup Revolution website here.

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I hope you enjoyed this post :)



  1. Bought mine recently and em eager to try it. Nice review

  2. Do a makrup brush collection