Friday, 17 April 2015

Just Gold 98 Eyeshadow Palette - Review and Swatches

Everyone enjoys makeup that is of great quality and yet affordable and easily available! A few days back i ran into this magical eyeshadow palette which had almost every shade in it and was so affordable that i doubt the salesman actually made a mistake in my bill..So the magical palette is actually called the "Just Gold 98 Eyeshadow Palette". I have never heard of this brand before and i haven't seen any other makeup items of this brand either. However, as soon as i spotted this palette and gave it a look, i instantly fell in love with the color range it offers!

The palette comes in a cardboard box with the name and a picture of the inside palette on the front while the back has the ingredients..The eyeshadows are housed inside a plastic palette casing. The casing is quite sturdy and has a little mirror too! Great!

The eyeshadows are in small pans but the quantity of each eyeshadow is decent enough and would definitely last long. The palette comes with 4 sponge applicators (i just don't get why they include these.. nobody uses them!). one of mine just slipped out of its holder and got messy ( Irritating..

So now coming to the eyeshadows themselves.. This palette has almost every color in it. Golds, Silvers, Purples, plums, Blues, Greens, Reds, Pinks, Browns, Yellows, Blacks and what not! The shades are not exactly matte. They are more shimmery and sparkly and as those shades are in these days so VOILA!

The texture of the shades is mind blowing! So creamy, smooth and buttery! I was actually shocked at how well pigmented they are and with a nice primer underneath, they would last really long too! But even without the primer, the lasting power was great! They dont appear chalky at all and don't give too much fall out either. They are a dream to apply and look amazing on the eyelids..

I am a matte eyeshadow girl but this palette has seriously stolen my heart! So much shade variety and superb application.. It is a must have!

I couldn't swatch all 98 shades but i did swatch a few of my favorite ones..

The more shimmery shades

The less shimmery shades

I got this palette from a local supermarket for only 750PKR.. Unbelievable.. Right? I am sure these would be easily available all over pakistan..

Have you tried this palette? Drop your comments below :)

I hope you enjoyed this review :)



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