Saturday, 16 January 2016

Review on Bh Cosmetics Wild Brush Set..

I am a makeup brush hoarder!! Guilty but proud! I just love makeup brushes and can't help but buy more.. No matter how many brushes I own, I still have room for loads more :D.. I understand that I have only a single tiny face ( with huge eyes though :p) and I probably won't ever use each and every brush for a look.. But I still enjoy hoarding them and I cannot help it..( psychological issues? Yeah!)

Sunday, 10 January 2016

DIY Body Scrub..

Hello lovelies.. first of all.. Happy New Year!!! I cannot believe its 2016 already! Time is flying so fast! I have started a new job and it is so time consuming that I don't even understand how my day passes by. Its getting so hard to take out time for the things I my passion for blogging! I have started my residency at a hospital and well..we all know how hectic hospital jobs can be! Anyways I am striving to get back to blogging and plan my week in a way that I get everything done on time and still get some "Me Time".. Its one of my new year resolutions :p