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Budget-Friendly Christine Lip and Eye Liner Pencils - My Collection, Review and Swatches

I am always on the hunt for makeup that is not only great in quality but also budget-friendly.. Sometimes dupes and cheaper alternatives to high end makeup work wonders and are way more easy on the pocket as well..

When it comes to lip and eye pencils, i always prefer formulas that are soft and glide on easily without much effort.. I also like my pencils to have a good pigmentation so that i do not need to go back and forth while applying them.. and no matter how weird this might sound.. I do not like waterproof formulas as they are a "hell" to take off!

I first came across "Christine Pencils" many years ago when i was looking for a soft eye liner pencil and i purchased the shade "Black 344". I was amazed at how soft and pigmented it was and it never smudged onto the lower eyelid whenever i applied it in my water line! That's how my love for these pencils began.. I have gone through many of these "Black 344" eye liner pencils and i keep repurchasing them as these are by far my "Holy Grail" Black eye liner pencils!

Last year i got crazy about the colored eye liner trend and bought a few different colored lip and eye pencils and the moment i applied them.. I fell in love! I have tried many other budget friendly pencils but haven't been impressed. Christine however, is my favorite budget friendly brand for lip and eye liner pencils...

These pencils have a simple black colored wooden pencil-like body with a silver metallic lid. The end opposite to the lid has a colored strip which shows the shade of the pencil and has the shade name right below it. It is also mentioned on the pencil whether it is a lip liner or an eye liner, but i tend to use the purple and pink lip liners as an eye liner and they work absolutely fine..

They are super easy to apply and do not feel dry at all. The pigmentation is great and you get an even line with a single stroke without any tugging or pulling. The texture of these pencils is soft and creamy but they do not break off during application.

These pencils are not waterproof so they can smudge and transfer into the crease when used as an eye liner which is the only con but this doesn't bother me much as i have big eyes and my liner never transfers into the crease.. For those with oily eye lids, it is better to apply an eye primer prior to use as that will minimize the smudging and transfer of the liner onto the socket..

They are great as a lip liner too. They make my lipstick last longer than usual and even after my lipstick fades, i still have a beautiful tint of the lip liner left..

They last all day on me whether used as an eye liner or a lip liner.. but i do notice slight fading on extremely hot days as that's when my eyes tend to get a bit oily.. Other than that they have a pretty fair lasting power..

Here is my collection of the Christine pencils..

From Left to Right: Red Plum, Natural Wood, Lavender Rose, Orange Wood, Orchid Purple, Electric Blue, White Rose, Green, Brown, Black

Here is a description of each shade:

  • White Rose 407: This is a milky white eye liner and i use it for lining the water line to make eyes appear larger. It is also great for use as an eye liner right above a black liner. It can also be used above and below the eye brows to give a defined look to them. It can also be used as an eyeshadow base and helps the colors really pop out!

  • Lavender Rose 037: This is a pretty pink lip liner with a slight hint of lavender. I use it more as an eyeliner but it looks great as an overall lip color as well.
  • Red Plum 304: This is a beautiful red lip liner. I use it to line my lips before using a red lip color as it helps define the lips and also increases the staying power of the lip color.
  • Brown 356: This is a brown eyeliner and i mostly use it in the day time as an eyeliner. I use it on its own without a black eye liner.
  • Orchid Purple 262: This is a beautiful purple lip liner but i love to use it as an eye liner since i never wear purple lipsticks. It looks great as an eye liner!
  • Natural Wood 343: This is my favorite lip liner out of the bunch! It is the perfect nude shade for me. It has slight pink undertones and i love to wear it all over the lips on its own.
  • Green 374: This is my favorite eye liner from my collection! It is a beautiful forest green shade. I normally wear it right above a black eye liner and i simply love it! 
  • Black 344: I have already raved about it... This is my "HOLY GRAIL" black eyeliner and i mostly use it to line my water line. It also works great to tight line the eyes!
  • Electric Blue 380: This is a beautiful dark blue eye liner and can be used right above a black eyeliner. It looks great on its own as well! It can also be used in the water line.
  • Orange Wood 298: This is a beautiful peachy orange lip liner. It is my favorite orange lip shade and i love to wear it all over my lips on its own! 

Here are the swatches of each shade:

From Left to Right: White Rose, Lavender Rose, Red Plum, Brown, Orchid Purple, Natural Wood, Green, Black,      
Electric Blue, Orange Wood

For the eyeliners, I first apply a black cake eyeliner and then draw a thin line with the colored eye liner pencil just above it.. I love this technique of applying the colored eyeliners way more than applying them on their own..

For the lip liners, I first line my lips and then fill them in with the same lip liner concentrating more on the outer corners of my lips. This gives a more plumping effect..Sometimes i fill in my lips completely and wear the lip liner on its own and it lasts all day!

I wore two of my favorite shades out of the bunch.. Green 374 eyeliner and Natural Wood 343 lip liner..

Wearing the Christine Green Eye liner

Wearing the Christine Natural Wood Lip liner

These pencils are easily available at all leading superstores across Pakistan and retail for PKR 75 only!

I hope you enjoyed this post :) Leave your feedback in the comments section below :)

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