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My Holy Grail!! Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 1 Palette - Review & Swatches

I have been on the hunt for a neutral eyeshadow palette for ages.. I like matte shades way more than shimmery ones but i do use shimmery shades for the inner corner of my eyes and my brow bone.. It seemed impossible to find a neutral eyeshadow palette which had all the shades i needed and that too in matte formulation..

I have been raving about Makeup Revolution these days.. I just can't get enough of this brand! I have never been crazy about any brand this much but Makeup Revolution for me is.. "My True Love".. I have tried so many products from this brand and i love each one of them.. Not only are their products amazing in quality but also surprisingly affordable! I simply want to own every single product from this brand!

Makeup Revolution is a UK drugstore brand but it is also available in Pakistan on and However they do not stock up all the products, instead they have a selective range of products from the brand which is kind of disappointing as there are a lot of products that i wish to try but can't find in Pakistan..

In a previous post i mentioned that my aunt was coming from UK and i asked her to bring me a few makeup items which included few items from Makeup Revolution as well. You can check out my haul post here. I ordered the Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 1 Palette too and trust me i regret not ordering the Iconic Pro 2!

There are two of these Iconic Pro Palettes. The Iconic pro 1 is more of a warm neutral palette with more brown shades and is a perfect dupe for the Lorac Pro Palette. The Iconic pro 2 has more cool toned pink shades and a beautiful blue too and is a perfect dupe of the Lorac Pro Palette 2. But you get these palettes at a much lower price than the Lorac Pro Palettes!

I ordered the Iconic Pro 1 Palette so i am going to review it..

The palette comes in a cardboard box which has the name on the front along with a sticker that shows how the palette looks on the inside. The side has the ingredients mentioned on it. The back has details about the quality of the eyeshadows and according to the claim it has 20 eyeshadows but it actually has 16.. Everything is written in rose gold which looks really pretty..

The actual palette has a matte black lid which has the name of the palette. The base is shiny black and has a sticker with the name of the palette written on it. The packaging is of plastic but it is quite sturdy and doesn't look cheap at all. The palette is slim and quite chic looking with all the rose gold writing.

The palette has a click-close lid which clicks properly. On the inside the lid  has a full size mirror which makes it great for travelling! The shadows have a transparent plastic cover over them which bears the name of each shade. I would had been happier if the shade names were embossed on the actual palette as i often tend to lose these plastic covers and then i can never remember what a specific shade was called..

The palette also comes with a Makeup Revolution Pro Double-Ended Brush which has a flat eyeshadow brush on one end and an eyeshadow blending brush on the other end. I was really happy to see this brush in the palette as those sponge applicators are always useless. The brush is of really good quality and i mostly use it. You wont need to carry along extra brushes while travelling so that's great!

You get 8 matte shades and 8 shimmery shades. The top row has all the matte shades while the bottom row has the shimmery shades. I love the pigmentation of these shades!! They have great pigmentation even without a primer. They are super creamy and soft. The texture is so buttery and smooth. They do not appear chalky at all. They blend effortlessly. The shimmery shades are well milled and do not contain visible chunks of sparkle in them. They do not give too much fall outs either.

Here is a description for each shade:

Top Row (From Left to Right):

  • Ghost: A matte white shade with a little bit of sparkle.
  • Luna: A cream/ off-white matte shade with a hint of pink.
  • Must: A matte light brown shade.
  • Enigma: A matte baby pink shade.
  • Fade: A matte taupe shade.
  • Drama: A matte medium brown shade. Perfect for the crease.
  • Afflicted: A matte dark brown shade.
  • Pitch: A matte black shade. Not the blackest black.
Bottom Row (From Left to Right):
  • Need: A shimmery off-white/ cream shade.
  • Dawn: A shimmery light pink shade.
  • Getter: A shimmery gold shade.
  • Breathe: A shimmery rose gold shade.
  • Too Grey: A shimmery taupe shade.
  • Stage: A shimmery deep red shade.
  • Addicted: A shimmery dark purple shade.
  • Player: A shimmery grey shade.
Here are swatches of these shades: 

Top Row..From Left to Right: Ghost, Luna, Must, Enigma, Fade, Drama, Afflicted, Pitch

Bottom Row..From Left to Right: Need, Dawn, Getter, Breathe, Too Grey, Stage, Addicted, Player

My favorite shades are Luna for the brow bone, Must for all over the lid, Drama for the crease and Breathe for the inner corner of the eyes.. But i love playing with the other shades too! This eyeshadow palette is truly my HOLY GRAIL palette!

The only con for me is that the shade "Pitch" isn't the blackest black and doesn't have great pigmentation. I like my black shades to be intensely black..

The Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 1 Palette retails for 6.99 Pounds only which is amazing for the quality you get! It can be easily found in drugstores in the UK. It can also be found on the Makeup Revolution website.

I hope you enjoyed this post :)

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