Sunday, 12 July 2015

Gold Plated Ring by Elegance, The House Of Jewels - My Review And Shopping Experience

I am not a big fan of Gold Jewelry.. I love gold or rose gold against my skin tone as compared to silver but i tend to gravitate more towards artificial jewelry rather than real gold jewelry as i always fear losing it (Yea.. I'm careless :/ )

Gold plated jewelry has many pros as compared to simple artificial jewelry.. It tends to last longer without losing its color.. and if you lose it then the loss isn't that much! Gold plated jewelry is way much cheaper than real gold jewelry and has more of a rose gold touch to it.. which i love!

I recently ordered this beautiful gold plated ring with cubic zircon from an online Facebook page named Elegance, The House Of Jewels.. I wasn't sure about the quality but the price was quite great and i instantly fell in love with the beauty of this ring.. so ... I took the plunge and ordered the ring.. and I love it!!!

The delivery took around 7 to 10 days and the ring came in a pretty little cardboard box. I use the same box to store it. They offer COD ( Cash on delivery) so you don't have to worry about paying online which is actually quite convenient for me especially when i'm shopping online from a specific page or website for the first time.

They have a wide variety of jewelry pieces to select from and each one of them is beautiful. You can find rings, ear rings, necklaces, pendants and even proper jewelry sets. To be honest, it gets quite difficult to pick just one piece.

I selected this ring because of its delicate detailing. It is neatly made and the stones are neatly and properly placed. They have used cubic zircon in it. It doesn't look artificial at all. The quality is amazing and i have been complimented every time I've worn it..

I keep it in the box it came with whenever i take it off. I also protect it from water and perfume just to ensure that it lasts longer. I have been wearing it daily and it still hasn't lost its shine. It has become an important staple in my jewelry collection!

I would definitely be buying more jewelry from this page as the delivery is fast and the collection is great!

I got this ring for PKR 1100. You can find this ring here.

You can find much more on the Facebook Page of Elegance, The House of Jewels here.

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I hope you liked my review :)



The ring lost its shine and color and turned black :( although i stored it properly and kept it away from perfume and water :( This is so heartbreaking!


  1. This ring is absolutely stunning! Such a gorgeous find x
    han // em&han xo

  2. I absolutely love it .. thank you for the great review