Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Life Update and Getting Back On Track

Hello my lovelies.. It has been a really long time since i last blogged.. well long for me as i last blogged in JULY!! Yup.. 3 months ago.. So today I decided to give you an update on what i have been up to all this time..

I had mentioned in a blog that I started a new job as i have graduated and that is what you do after graduation.. Well I started this job and as time passed I got so busy in this job that I hardly got any time for myself. The work load started building up and I couldn't even get time on sundays to blog!

I started losing weight and my skin got dull and i started breaking out.. Well in short.. I was falling apart.. It wasn't a job I enjoyed..

I had read somewhere that you can only succeed at something if you truly enjoy doing it.. You must always work from the heart.. So this put things into perspective.. and even though I wasn't sure if I was doing the right thing.. but.. I quit the job.. Oh yes I did!

Now in all this time I was depressed about my skin and health and my career.. and i completely forgot that I was once the most optimistic girl on earth! So I finally mustered up the courage to be back on track with my blog and well I guess I am going to be a happy girl again :D

I have been shopping and trying out quite a few new things in all this time and i'm going to be reviewing a lot of products on my blog in the coming weeks.. Plus i also have some new ideas for the blog so things are going to get interesting here..

I am still not sure where my motivation is exactly coming from but I have a mindset that only YOU can be YOUR true motivation. Never give up on something you truly love and enjoy. Just go for matter how impossible it seems.

I have a few plans of what i want to do with my life but in our society we always need the support of our families.. well i guess if i wish to be happy i shouldn't wait any longer for that support.. maybe its time I finally do something for myself..

Wish me luck ladies..

Thats all for now.. I hope i wasn't too boring this time..

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