Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Basic makeup products for beginners..

When i started buying makeup,i had no idea what to buy and which products would be good for starters. I always saw my mom carrying a lipstick and kajal in her bag alongwith a face powder. I on the other hand, was keen on buying more than just two or three products.

However, after visiting various shops and makeup counters, i started developing an idea and understanding of what to buy for myself. Moreover, the internet also helped me a lot as i would search for what brands are easily accessible and what shades would suit me...

Now that i have been shopping for makeup products for a long long time, i realize that the first step in the world of makeup and beauty is to know the basic products that you should own to start learning makeup.

1. Foundation:

    A foundation is important to even out your skintone and to improve its texture. Foundations are available in different forms; cream, mousse, powder or stick. The foundation should not be lighter or darker than your skin tone otherwise it wont look natural. So always make sure to buy the shade that best matches your natural complexion.

2. Concealer:

    A concealer is necessary for those who have blemishes or dark circles as a concealer hides the imperfections. The concealer should be atleast a shade lighter than your skintone but shouldnt be too light or else it will appear cakey and wont look natural.

3. Face Powder:

   A face powder is used to set the makeup. It should be of the same shade as the foundation and should never be over-applied or else it will be visible as a separate layer on the skin. Face powders are great for touch ups during the day and i always keep one in my handbag and whenever i feel that my skin is getting shiny,i simply apply some face powder and my makeup gets fresh again.

4. Mascara And Eyeliner:

   I am the kind of girl that never leaves the house without a mascara and an eyeliner on. They are my must haves. A mascara instantly opens up your eyes and makes them appear bright. An eyeliner gives a definition to your eyes and if you master the technique of applying an eyeliner, then girl.. you are half way through mastering makeup!

5. Blusher:

   Well well.. if you have pale cheeks like me as if you had been sucked out of blood by a vampire.. then a blusher is your saviour! a pretty pink coloured blusher will be great for starters and then you can build up your collection with different peaches and oranges and reds.

6. Lipstick:

   If there was one thing on earth that i'll never get tired of buying, its a lipstick. I simply love lipsticks and i dont know why or maybe its because im just a wierd girl.. i find lipsticks so yummy and if i get obsessed with a shade.. i search the ends of the world until i find that shade! So a lipstick is a must have or if you prefer lipglosses so go for that. For starters a pretty pink lipstick would be great!

Well thats all for now.. i hope you enjoyed reading this and found it useful.. Do leave your comments and suggestions.

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