Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Basic skincare products for beginners..

There comes a time in your life when you realize that you finally need to start a skincare regimen for yourself. Its either those bad breakouts or a dry flaky skin or any other skin issue. Whatever the reason might be, a simple skincare regimen is important to keep your skin fresh and healthy looking.
Its not mandatory to fit in tons of products, a simple and basic three product regimen is sufficient for starting the journey. The sooner you start caring for your skin, the better...

I consider 3 products most essential for everyday skincare.

1. Cleanser:

    A good cleanser is very important for removing all the dirt and impurities out of your skin. A cleanser can be in the form of a gel or cream facewash or a simple cream cleanser. The facewash is basically applied over wet skin and massaged for atleast 30 seconds and then washed off. A cream cleanser or cleansing balm is massaged into the dry skin and then removed with a wet or moist cloth.
A cleanser should be used twice daily; at bedtime and in the morning.

2. Toner:

    The next step in the basic skincare regimen is a toner. A toner evens out the skin and closes opened pores and also removes the left over impurities that were not removed by the cleanser. A good toner should be non alcoholic. The toner can be easily applied with a cotton pad.

3. Moisturizer:

    A good moisturizer is very important no matter what skin type you are. Some people consider it unnecessary for oily skin but even an oily skin requires a good moisturization as the more you let your skin dry out,the more it tends to produce its natural oils resulting in further oily skin. For oily skin, a water based moisturizer should be used as it wont break you out and for the dry skin, an oil based moisturizer should be used. I am a combination skin type so in summers i prefer a light water based moisturizer and in winters i like to use a heavier oil based moisturizer. The moisturizer should also be used twice daily after the cleanser and toner.

So following these simple steps will help even out your skin tone and will keep your skin fresh and healthy looking. Besides this, it is important to keep up a healthy diet as well and drink lots of water as the skin will look healthy if you are healthy from within. So eat fresh fruits and vegetables and drink lots of water and you wont have to work too hard to keep the surface looking beautiful :)

I hope you enjoyed my post, do comment and share your views and suggestions :)

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