Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Mini Makeup Haul..

A few days ago, I went out to buy some gifts for a friend and well.. i ended up buying gifts for myself.. Makeup is definitely my weakness and no matter how much stuff i own.. there is always space for more :D..

Here are a few of the products i bought.. its all affordable makeup.. so i just grabbed a few things.. I have already tried them.. and they are all great.. reviews will be up soon.. :)

There was a new brand of nailpaints.. I cant really figure out whether its "TOP55" or "TOPSS".. but the color range was amazing!! I picked three of them.. although i wanted to grab the whole rack!! I picked a pretty party pink.. a purple and a clear top coat.. they don't have any names.. so that's a drawback.. :/ However they do have numbers.. I picked the shades 95, 13 and 45..

I also picked a Christine Gloss in the shade "CN12- Eve Rose". I love the formula of these glosses.. and i'm into mauves these days.. so i had to get this 1!

I also picked 2 lipsticks.. as lipsticks are no doubt the love of my life! I picked a Glamorous Face USA Matte Lipstick in the shade # 135.. again a pretty light mauve color.. The other one i picked was a warm rusty orange color from Kryolan in the shade #47.. i actually doubt the authenticity of this 1.. but the color is great and so is the formulation..so a win win for me!

The last thing i picked was 2 Lip Pencils by Christine.. I love the Christine pencils.. they are super affordable and soft.. i picked the shades "Red plum 304" and "Natural Wood 343".

Thats all for now.. I hope you enjoyed this post :) 

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