Thursday, 22 January 2015

Review: Petal Fresh Botanicals Whitening Detoxifying Facial Mud Masque - Blackberry and White Tea

Ever since i started really getting into skin care, i tried out different products in the pursuit to find the perfect skincare regimen that would suit me. I changed cleansers, face-washes and moisturizers.. I used different brands and tried a hell lot of products...

However, when it came to face masks, i always grabbed the "Freemans" masks.. It is a great company and i have tried quite a lot of products by them.. They are affordable and do a pretty good job.. My favorite has to be their chocolate and strawberry one.. It smelt great! (But every time i applied it, my eyes burnt like hell!)

Well, this month when i went to shop for my monthly toiletries, i came across a new range of skincare products.. It was the "Petal Fresh Botanicals". They have a nice range of skincare products including a variety of masks, scrubs and cleansers. The "Petal Fresh Botanicals Whitening Detoxifying Facial Mud Masque with Blackberry and White Tea" caught my eye. It was sealed so i couldn't smell it.. ( Yea yea.. i know i'm a wierdo.. i sniff bottles in shops just to be sure that i love the scent!). So i picked it up and decided to give it a try.. I have tried it a few times already.. and i guess i'm breaking up with my Freemans masks...! I love everything about this mask!!


    The mask comes in a 200 ml/7 fl oz squeezable plastic tube. It has a flip open cap with a nozzle that is of the perfect size and does not allow any wastage of the product.The front has the name and the two main ingredients - Blackberry and white tea whereas the back has the product claims along with the ingredients and directions of use. The product comes sealed.. (mine is not sealed as i used it). I like the packaging. It is simple and sturdy.


    I simply love the consistency of this mask! It is neither too thick nor too runny.It is quite smooth and creamy. It is not at all sticky. It does not go all over the place during application and i have full control over the amount of product that i wish to use.


    This product is a HEAVEN to apply!! It applies so smoothly. It is not at all thick or sticky. I just take a small amount of it on my fingers and apply a thin layer all over my face and neck leaving the lips and the eye area. It is extremely soothing and the face feels so cool after its application. I leave it on for 10 minutes or until it is dry. Upon drying, it does feel a bit tingly and itchy but that happens with every face mask! It does not irritate my eyes or skin at all. 

The Product Claims:

    Here is a closeup of what the product claims...

I was really impressed by the fact that this product is free of paraben, phtalate, sulfate and color which means it is natural and great for the skin. The product does not give any description about the benefits of blackberry and white tea but it has emphasized on the whitening and detoxifying actions.

My Thoughts:

    When i purchased this mask, i didn't have quite high hopes for it. I wasn't expecting any extraordinary results. But after the first application, i was surprisingly impressed.. I loved the consistency and the mild fresh fragrance of it! It applied with ease and felt so amazingly refreshing on my skin. I kept it on till it dried and then washed it off with luke warm water and my skin felt incredibly SUPER SOFT after that!! I have been using this either once or twice a week and i feel it really does improve the texture of my skin. It soothes and calms any redness on my skin. It does not irritate my eyes and nor does it feel harsh on my skin. I havent seen much of the whitening effects, but it does remove impurities and detoxifies the skin.. So I guess i'm in love with it!


    This mask is super-affordable. It costs 280PKR which is amazing for the quantity and quality that you get. It retails online for around 300PKR.


    I would definitely be repurchasing it! I would love to try the other products in this range too..

You can purchase this mask and other products from this range online here. It is easily available in all the leading superstores in Pakistan. I got mine from Shaheens, Peshawar.

I hope you enjoyed this post :) which Facial mask is your favorite? 

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