Friday, 30 October 2015

My weekly picks..

This is the first post for my weekly picks.. Every Friday, I shall be sharing a few of the things that i used and either liked or disliked in the whole week.. This way you can get a mini review of the items and get to know what i used that week as well.. It can be anything.. makeup, skincare, fashion or random stuff!

So this week was a sick one.. n by sick i mean i had the cold (yea the ill sick.. :p) and i was all lazy and grumpy. I don't know why but every time I get ill, i start getting weird mood swings and it's really annoying.. but anyways.. so my week was mostly medicines and tissues.. but I still went in for a warm shower and I like to oil my hair a few hours prior to my shower.. So i have been loving the Conatural Intense Growth Hair Oil.. It is really great and i follow it up with L'Oreal Mythic Oil after the shower which just softens up my hair and makes them manageable. I am in love with my hair these days..

I have also been using the Dalan d'Olive Body Oil which i tend to apply over my wet body and this locks in all the moisture and makes my skin perfectly smooth and soft!

When you are ill, the body odor's can get a bit stronger than normal and I am someone who always likes to smell good.. so I have currently been using the Bath and Body Works Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Mist after every shower and this smells great.. I might repurchase it once i run out of it..

For my lips which tend to get extremely dry in this changing weather and throughout the entire winter season, I have been loving the Vaseline Lip Therapy for the past 3 years.. and this is the only product that helps me fight dry lips!

I have also been loving the Calm App a lot.. I find it hard to fall asleep these days.. There is always so much stuff on my mind and I constantly struggle to relax my mind, so I downloaded this app from the Play Store and it has really helped me relax and calm down.. It is great!

So these are my weekly picks for now.. 

I hope you enjoyed this post :)

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