Sunday, 18 January 2015

Review: Luscious Designer Nail Color - ELAN

Nail paints are the love of my life.. My choice of nail color always depends on my mood.. I am not a big fan of shimmers or glitters and TBH i hardly own any shimmer nail paints! I prefer the glossy finish over the matte one and i mostly gravitate toward pinks and reds and nudes and a few pastels..

Few months back i saw a picture of a nail paint on the internet.. it was a perfect nude color with brown undertones.. and then its not hard to guess.. but.. that was all i could think of! I wanted it so bad but i just couldn't find that specific shade.. I mean SERIOUSLY?? why does this always have to happen to ME!!

Anyways, my little sis surprised me with this Luscious color instead and although it wasn't the shade i wanted.. but... I LOVE IT.. and i have worn this multiple times and even though winters are all about the dark shades.. I just wanted to have it on my nails again!

Luscious cosmetics introduced these designer nail paints quite some time ago.. and i never got a chance to try any of these.. These are basically a collaboration of Luscious cosmetics with some great designers of our country ( Pakistan) to create a unique shade that represents a specific designer and is named after them.. There is a wide variety of nail colors in this range and i got the shade "Elan"..


    The nail paint comes in a "chic" square-shaped clear glass bottle with a black cap. I love the packaging.. it looks great on my dressing table. The Designer's name is on the front. It is a 14 ml bottle.


    The consistency of the nail paint is milky and creamy but not extra thick. It does not clump on the nails and neither does it feel too sticky... It is easy to work with..


    The applicator is a narrow brush, like any typical nail paint. I personally prefer wider brushes and so, it would had been easier to apply the nail paint if the brush was a bit wide like the essence nail paints..
PS: Sorry for the messy nozzle.. its just because i have used it a lot! 


    The application is easy as the formula isn't too difficult to work with. I normally need only 2 coats. I apply the first coat and let it dry, then follow it up with a second coat. The finish is glossy so i don't feel the need to apply a top coat. It has a decent drying time.


    The shade is a pretty grey with some lavender undertones.. i call it a "Lavendery grey"!

Lasting power:

   The lasting power is pretty good too. It does not chip easily and lasts for atleast 4 to 5 days without chipping.


    Luscious Cosmetics Designer nail paints cost 295PKR which is not that much considering the amount, quality and shades offered. 

They are available online here. They are easily available in leading superstores all around Pakistan. They can be found in Peshawar at Jans Arcade and Mehak Valley.

Here is  a swatch of how it looks on the nails :)

I hope you enjoyed the post... which color out of this range is your favorite? :)


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