Thursday, 19 March 2015

My Shopping Experience with and Makeup Revolution haul

I'm a big fan of online shopping.. It just makes me so happy to click on items and add to my cart.. and whats even more exciting.. is the day my package arrives!! I get super excited and although i pay for seems like a little gift from me to myself..

I have been recently ordering clothes online.. but me being a "Makeup Addict" could not resist the temptation to find a place where i can order makeup as well.. I know other websites that are famous specifically for making international makeup brands available in Pakistan.. but i often end up selecting something that is out of stock! and this pisses me off!!

So one day i was browsing the internet and i stumbled upon At first i was hesitant to order anything as i thought who knows whether what i get is original stuff or not.. A large number of websites do show one thing on their pages and once you have them delivered.. its a huge loss!

I had been eyeing the Makeup Revolution Cosmetics for quite some time.. they are all over the internet these days.. I badly wanted to try out a few things.. but just as i said.. the things i wanted were out of stock on other websites and ordering them direct from the UK meant that i'm never getting my things (All praise to the awesome custom services!).

So i was checking out the beauty section of and spotted that they stocked Makeup Revolution!! Oh that was such a moment for me! I then immediately checked whether they offered cash on delivery or not as i wanted to pay once my package arrived.. i had two reasons to consider this.. firstly because i feel more secure about making payments through cash on delivery as you do not have to stress about your money being lost without the items delivered and secondly because..well i don't have a personal account yet :p

Now coming to the website.. This websites stocks almost everything.. from food to home decor to beauty and skincare.. even electronics! The website is pretty organized.. You can select the category you want to shop in the left side bar. Each category is further subdivided to ease your search. The products are well organized in each section. You can customize your search according to the brand, price or color family which is awesome because it saves a lot of time.

I was really impressed by the fact that once your order crosses 1500PKR, you get free delivery which is actually awesome because other websites offer free delivery only when your bill is 4000 or 5000PKR which is too much actually..

You also get a 10% discount code on your first order :) This website is seriously run by generous people! The website also offers a flash sale from time to time in which you get a certain percent off of the entire website.

One of the best things about this website is that whatever you see on the website is for sure instock and if something is out of stock, it just doesn't appear on the website. Great for me!

So i ordered four products by Makeup Revolution. As soon as i placed the order, I got an email and about 20 minutes later i recieved a call from for confirmation of my order. I have to say i was really impressed.. after about 3 days i recieved a text message that my order has been shipped and on the 7th day..which was a Monday, I recieved my parcel! How awesome is that!

All the products were in perfect condition except for the Makeup Revolution Highlighter which had a slight damage to its lid so it does not click upon closing..(if you get what i mean!) But the product itself was in perfect condition!

My bill was a total of 2500PKR.. so i got free delivery :)

I love all the things i got and reviews will be up soon! Here is a list of the items i got :)

  • Makeup Revolution Highlighter in Golden Lights
  • Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquer in Keep Crying For You
  • I Heart Makeup Wow Stick in Call Me
  • I Heart Makeup Blusher in Blushing Hearts

I hope you enjoyed this post :) I have already placed my second order at and it will be arriving soon :) I am glad that i have found a reliable website which is growing day by day and i hope that it will stock a lot of other brands as well :) 

You can also shop at their website here.

     Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with this website or the brand and i was not paid to write this review. The views expressed are genuinely mine and i have been completely honest.


  1. Wonderful haul. Wanna follow eachother dear? Do let me know!

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