Monday, 23 March 2015

Review: Clean & Clear Fruit Essentials Facial Cleanser in Energizing Berry

Hello Lovelies :) Today I am back with a review on my Holy Grail face wash! I have changed quite many face washes in the past but have stuck to this one for almost an year now.. and i don't think I'm changing it anytime soon..

I always had a smooth and spot free skin and everyone used to compliment me for that..until last spring.. I broke out so bad that it just didn't seem to stop. I visited dermatologists and trust me..I tried EVERYTHING but the pimples kept coming and would leave a blemish once they were gone..

I wont say that my skin is perfect now.. I still get breakouts now and then.. specially around *that time* of the month.. But i have learnt to feel comfortable in my own skin.. I guess everyone has flaws and... We should just accept ourselves the way we are.. You simply need to feel pretty to actually be pretty.. (why am i getting so emotional and diverting from my topic..!!)

So after trying everything I just decided to change my face wash and see if that works.. I purchased this clean & clear face wash and gave it a go.. and everything started getting better! Since then i have noticed that whenever i attempt to change my face wash.. I start breaking out again.. So i guess i should stop experimenting and stick to what suits my skin.. So here goes a review for this Saviour of mine!


    The product comes in a cute berry colored plastic bottle with a blue cap. It comes in 100ml and 50ml bottles. I purchased the 100ml one. The ingredients alongwith directions of use are mentioned on the back. the bottle is sturdy and i love this packaging. You can easily see the product inside. The cap has a small nozzle for dispensing the product in a controlled manner.


    The face wash is in gel form with small pink beads suspended in the gel. Honestly i find that really pretty. The beads are not rough on the skin like those of a scrub, so it does not exfoliate the skin. Upon contact with the skin, the beads actually burst and melt away.

Product Claims:

    Here is a close up of what the product claims..

My thoughts:

    Well to be extremely honest i love this face wash!! First of smells great and so refreshing in the morning. I even use it to remove my everyday makeup. It removes the foundation really well and does not clog the pores. I don't use it to remove any eye makeup as i feel the eyes are a delicate area and i don't want to irritate them so i use a milk cleanser for that purpose. It definitely removes every last bit of dirt on my face. It does not break me out and actually helps control my breakouts. It feels super gentle on my skin and does not dry it out. Most gel based cleansers dry out my skin but that's not the case with this one. It does not leave my skin super tight either. So to sum it all up.. this is truly my HOLY GRAIL Facewash!

How to use:

     I wet my face and then massage it into my skin for 30 seconds or a minute and then rinse it off. I use it in the morning and before going to bed.

Price and Availability:

    It is easily available at all the leading superstores across Pakistan. I got mine for 275PKR from Jans Arcade, Peshawar.

I hope you enjoyed this post :)


  1. This sounds nice. I love clean and clear face washes, esp their morning burst range.
    Stay connected :)
    The Lipstickholic

    1. I love them too :) Thanks for reading :)