Friday, 20 March 2015

Review: I Heart Makeup Blushing Hearts Triple Baked Blusher in Blushing Heart

Today i am back with an exciting review on a blusher by my current favorite makeup brand - Makeup Revolution! This brand is seriously run by a genius! Every single thing they bring out is breathtaking!
I am drooling over everything on the website and i keep checking which things are being brought to Pakistan as well..

I mentioned in a post that i had ordered a few things by makeup revolution from You can check out my post here. Among the stuff i ordered, was also present this beautiful blusher. This is the one product i was extremely excited for!!( Quite obvious by the lovely eye catching packaging)

The Makeup Revolution brand has a separate collection named "I Heart Makeup" which consists of various different products and all the things in that collection have a fancy packaging too (which is the main reason why u will find me drooling on each and every item!)

The Blushing Hearts collection contains three highlighters, six blushers and three bronzers. You can check out the complete collection here. However, in Pakistan we only have three of the blushers available. You can find the blushers in three shades.
  • Candy Queen of Hearts - A combination of pinks and peaches.
  • Peachy Keen Heart - Contains pink, bronze and gold shades.
  • Blushing Heart - Contains beautiful pink shades.
I purchased "Blushing Heart" as i was looking for a beautiful shimmery pink blusher for a long time and i had to get my hands on this one! It is such a beauty!

The packaging is so beautiful.. It comes in a box with the shade mentioned on the box. Inside the box, the actual product is housed in a lovely heart-shaped cardboard container with a lid. I simply adore the lovely packaging. It looks so pretty on my dressing table and i just can't stop staring at it! The container also has the shade name on its back. It is a pretty golden container with a pink lid. The packaging is really sturdy and not at all cheap looking..

The product itself is so pretty looking. It is a triple baked blusher so has three shades inside the container. You can use the shades separately or mix them up and get a lovely color. I was amazed by the quality of the shades. They are extremely soft and pigmented. They are not powdery or chalky at all. They feel super buttery. This is quite typical of baked blushes since they start as a cream and are baked until they are a powder. That is why they tend to have a softer feel to them and a better pigmentation. You get about 10gm of the product which is awesome for the price you pay! It is definitely not matte but the shimmer is not something with extremely visible particles that would end up everywhere on your face. Once blended, it tends to give a beautiful glow to the cheeks.

For the swatches, I first separately swatched each shade and then swirled my finger around making sure that i touch every shade and swatched it. Personally i prefer swirling my brush in the product and then applying it. It gives a beautiful flushed look to my cheeks.. 

From Left to Right: The Three shades and the Fourth one is a blend of all three

These blushers are said to be dupes for the Too Faced Sweetheart Blushes which retail for around $30 whereas these are for $7.48!! The quality is pretty amazing too!

You can find these at the Makeup Revolution Website here.

You can stay updated with the products being introduced in Pakistan by following the Makeup Revolution Pakistan Facebook Page here

I purchased mine from for 850PKR.

I hope you enjoyed this post :)



  1. Awh the packaging is so cute! I love the shades, lovely review x
    em // emandhan xo

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