Saturday, 21 November 2015

My Weekly Picks...

This week I had a really hard time getting the posts up because of my internet issues.. but i think that's resolved now (Hopefully).. and I am glad this week is over. As much as the week started off rough.. things got better by the end :)

I'll start my weekly picks with the heavenly smelling Victoria's Secret Secret Charm Honeysuckle and Jasmine Fragrance Mist. It has a beautiful scent which is a mix of floral and fruity. I enjoy spritzing it on my wrists and rubbing them together to really bring out the scent.. and then.. I love smelling myself (Weird..Right? :p) It is a really fresh scent and definitely a must for lazy mornings. This was a gift by my best friend.. so it holds a special place in my heart anyways :)

Well next up is my lovely new ring. I bought this ring with the thought that I'll wear it day and night as it is Gold and would never lose it's color. But lets be honest.. who was I kidding? I wore it a couple of times and then my fear of losing it and being killed by my mum came rushing back.. so I ended up limiting it's wear to only special occasions. I do love it and if only I had been a tad bit responsible, I would had worn it for the rest of my life even though I do feel it looks ginormous on my abnormally weak hands :p

I love nailpaints and recently I have been buying a new nailpaint everytime I go out for shopping. I love this nail color. It is a pretty brown shade with a hint of salmon (I suck at describing shades!) It appears darker in the picture than it actually was. It is by some new brand called Silly 18. But I have to say for the price, the staying power was Amazing.. It did not chip at all! Also as the name says, it did dry in 60 seconds and the application was really smooth. The shade is 03.

The next one is my favorite out of all!! It is Mac's Matte Lipstick in the shade Mehr.. OH GOD!! Where were you all this time!! (That was me talking to my lipstick #psychologicalissues :p) I had been on the hunt for such a color for so long.. I tried so many different lipsticks but couldn't find the perfect shade.. and then I got this baby.. as a gift by my other best friend ( I got great friends..right?) I instantly fell in love. I cannot wear any other lipstick. I have to wear this everytime I go out. I am not even half way through it but I am already planning on buying another one as a backup. I have a fear that I'll run out of it and then there will be no Mac Mehr left on earth.. (I really am a sad human :p)

My final pick for this week is the Youtube channel and Blog Named Viviannadoesmakeup. This girl is amazing! I can watch her videos all day and yet not get fedup. She has this amazingly soothing effect on me. I love everything about her videos. She always has great content on her channel and I get so excited everytime she uploads something new. Her blog is also great. I am seriously addicted! and guess what.. she also loves Mac Mehr :D awwww :)

Well that's all for now.. I hope you have a great weekend :)

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  1. i hear a lot of good things about mehr, looks like a lovely color!

    danielle | avec danielle

  2. lip shade really looks pretty one