Sunday, 26 April 2015

DIY Makeup Brush Holders..

I have recently been busy re-decorating my room and trying to organize my stuff so that i can maintain a clean room and have a certain place for everything that i own. I have finally accomplished the main task which was to organize my makeup...

I am a makeup addict and i cannot stop buying more makeup no matter how much i own.. (*sighs* "feeling guilty") Last week i organized my makeup and while i was doing that, I needed some organizers for my makeup brushes as well. I own a lot of makeup brushes and i keep buying more so i wanted to organize them in a way that i can easily reach out for whichever brush i need.

So instead of spending money on buying new holders, i decided to attempt a fun DIY and make my own holders which i can customize in my own way! I initially didn't plan to turn this into a post but the result was really great so i decided to post it and its extremely easy so i can just explain the steps!

I dont have a picture of how these containers looked before i customized them, However the shape is what matters and you can use whatever you want... So here is how you can make these :)

Materials Needed:

  • Different shaped containers. (I used glass jars, metal containers and even "Pringles" containers!)
  • Paint. (I used the leftover paint from when i got my room painted)
  • Paint brush. (I used a random paintbrush that the painter used in my room)
  • Nailpolish. (I used a shiny nailpolish and a shimmery one to give some detailing)
  • Ribbon. (I used a dull gold shiny ribbon to decorate my holders)
  • Glue. (I used ELFY to stick the ribbon)

PS: Don't mind the awfully dirty paint brush and bucket!

Items used for decorating the holders

Now for the holders..

For this holder, i used a simple glass container and gave it about three coats of paint. Once the paint dried, i used the flat end of a toothpick and dipped it in the shiny nailpaint to add some polka dots near its opening and glued a dull gold ribbon around its opening to add some detailing..

For this one, I used a glass container and gave three coats of paint. Once it dried, i added patterned polka dots around its center with the shiny nailpaint. I used the shimmery nailpaint around the rim to add some detailing.

For this one, I actually used an old brush holder that came with a brush set. I gave it two coats of paint and once the paint dried, i added polka dots near its upper and lower ends.

The left one is actually a Pringles container cut in half and the right one is the box of a perfume..
(Romance by Rasasi). I gave two coats of paint to each of these and then added polka dots near the lower ends and scattered them a bit as i got to the center. I glued a dull gold ribbon around their openings to add some detailing.

I decided to make a holder for my makeup sponges as well. So i used a cardboard jewelry gift box and gave it two coats of paint. I painted its lid as well. Once the paint dried, i added polka dots only on the sides of the lid. I then placed the box inside the lid.

I used a Pringles container (Yum Yum.. I love the sour cream and onion one!) and simply gave it two coats of paint. Once the paint dried, i added some polka dots at the lower end of the container. I used the shimmery nailpaint all over the upper and lower rim to give it a neat finishing and add some detailing. I use this container alongwith its lid to store my facial cotton pads!

Here is the final result :)

I hope you enjoyed this post :)

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