Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Review: I Heart Makeup Super Wow Lip Colour stick in Call Me

It is pretty much clear from my blog posts these days that i am obsessed with the brand "Makeup Revolution" and their "I Heart makeup" line of products too.. Not only are these products highly affordable but the quality is also great which is not something you can expect from the price paid..

I am a lover of lip products and i can never have enough.. I ordered the I Heart Makeup Super Wow Lip Colour Stick alongwith a few other products which i mentioned in a previous Makeup Revolution haul.. You can check it out here.

Globally these Lip Colour Sticks are available in 8 shades. You can check them out here. However, in pakistan only 4 colours have been introduced. They are:
  • Atomic - A bright orange
  • Hanging on the telephone - A medium pink
  • Sunday Girl - A bright pink
  • Call Me - A bright red
I don't normally wear too much bright lip colours so when i found out that these were highly pigmented and bright, i decided to get one in red as i like my reds to be bold and bright.. So i ordered the shade "Call me" and i was extremely pleased with my choice!

The Lip colour stick comes in a cardboard packaging of the same colour as the product itself. The box has the name alongwith the shade on it. I got confused upon reading "High Gloss Lip Colour Stick" as i was expecting a matte finish and upon swatching the result was definitely matte, so i searched the internet and found out that Makeup Revolution had admitted a fault in printing and had claimed that these sticks are no doubt matte! I guess the new packages dont have "High Gloss" on them anymore..

The product is housed in a chic looking shiny black twistable crayon type packaging. I love the fact that it is twistable and i dont have to dig up a sharpner in my drawer and sharpen it up! It is quite sturdy and slim and makes application a lot easier! The quantity of product is also quite sufficient and will last a long time.

Now coming to the product itself.. I selected the shade "Call Me" which is a beautiful deep red and i love the pigmentation of it! It is so pigmented that i hardly need a second layer of it. It is also extremely soft and glides on the lips effortlessly. It is extremely easy to apply and i dont need a lip liner prior to its use..

However it is such a pain to remove! and i do feel the need to exfoliate my lips after using it as it does dry them out.. But it lasts such a long time. I don't need any touch ups. It even lasts meals and it never smudges! I tend to use this only on special occasions..so i can bear with the exfoliation required afterwards!

The only thing that annoys me is that the shade is not mentioned on the actual stick and i tend to often forget what it is called as i can't carry the cardboard box alongwith me everywhere.. i actually threw it away! But i guess this issue might have been fixed by now!

As for the repurchase.. well this shade is going to last me a long long time as i wear red only on special occasions.. and out of the other shades available, i am not quite interested in any of them.. so i am happy with the shade i went for!

Here are swatches of it..

The Super Wow sticks can be purchased in Pakistan for 550 PKR from daraz.pk or just4girls.pk.

International readers can find them on the Makeup Revolution website.

I hope you enjoyed this post :)



  1. I love Makeup Revolution and that shade looks so lovely on you! It's such a nice cool tone!
    Mary-Ann xx
    Angel Flicks

  2. it looks amazing and the shade is just lovely, so perfect for Summer <3


  3. great as always :) kisses :)


    1. This is such a beautiful color sundas an it suits you so well!