Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Review: Rivaj UK Kajal in Matte Black

Hi lovelies  :) I know i have been MIA for the past couple of days.. I have been busy trying to renovate my room and its taking much longer than i actually expected! Anyways.. Here i am.. back with another review.. and this time i'm pumped up to review this product as it turned out to be better than my expectations..

Recently i shared a mini haul and this kajal was included in it. I had been looking for a kajal that would not irritate my eyes and would not make them all watery and red as if i had just turned into a blood lusting vampire! So as cautious as i was, I still took the plunge and purchased the Rivaj Uk Kajal which is not any high end brand..

I didn't have any high hopes for it but the salesgirl persuaded me and so i decided to give it a try. But to my surprise it turned out becoming my new favourite and i am glad i bought it! So here goes my review on it..

The kajal comes in a sliding plastic and cardboard packaging. The back of the packaging has the ingredients alongwith precautions and directions to remove it. The kajal itself is housed in a lipstick kind of shiny black plastic packaging which is quite sturdy and has a cap which clicks perfectly thus preventing the kajal from getting all over the place while in my handbag! The shade of the kajal is mentioned on the bottom.  The quantity of the kajal is also quite decent and it would definitely last a really long time.

The kajal itself is really easy to apply. The pointed tip helps attain precision. It is so smooth and creamy and glides on without any effort. It does not irritate the eyes and does not cause any redness. It easily applies on my water line and gives a very neat finish. I also tightline with it. It is extremely pigmented and does not fade away. It lasts for a long time on my eyes before it starts smearing a bit on my lower eyelid. Here is a swatch ot it..

I do not agree with the claim that it is waterproof.. It definitely isn't waterproof..but considering its ease of application and its pigmentation, I can live with that. Moreover the fact that it isn't waterproof helps in removing it without much effort which i prefer.

I use a makeup remover wipe for removing it and it removes easily without irritating my eyes. It can be prone to breakage so i make sure that i do not roll out the entire kajal while applying.

It is the blackest black kajal that i own and is creamy and smooth to apply and above all, it is easy to remove.. So i will definitely be repurchasing it :)

It can be easily found in superstores across Pakistan for less than 300 PKR. I got mine from Mehak Valley, Peshawar.

Here is how it looks on my eyes :)

I hope u enjoyed this review :)



  1. Your eyes are so pretty! :) I really want to try out this product.


  2. It surely is very pigmented. I wonder if its suitable for sensitive eyes or not. Love the package and MashAllah u have beautiful eyes :)

    1. Thanks huda :) i have sensitive eyes and it did not irritate them so its worth trying :)