Thursday, 30 April 2015

Review: Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

Micellar cleansing waters are the new buzz these days.. Not only are they super easy to use but are also great at removing makeup in one simple step with no need to rinse the face afterwards..

I can never get into bed with makeup on.. I have to remove my makeup and cleanse my face before sleeping no matter how tired i am and there have been days when i'm so exhausted that it gets difficult to even change into my night dress! But i constantly remind myself to put in a little effort today so as to avoid breakouts tomorrow! 

Ever since i found out about Micellar waters, I have been willing to get my hands on one. I had been looking for the Bioderma Sensibio H2O as everyone had been raving about it..but couldn't find it anywhere.. So i ordered the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water through my aunt instead which i mentioned in my haul here.. and let me tell u.. I am so glad that i have it! Not only is it way cheaper than the Bioderma one but it is my Holy Grail makeup remover! It has made my life so much easier! 

So before i jump into the review.. I should tell you a bit about "Micellar Waters".. Well the concept micellar water is really simple.. A micelle is actually a spherical structure that surfactants form when they reach a certain concentration in water. Now surfactants are actually detergents with two ends - A water loving end (hydrophilic) and an oil loving end (lipophilic). When these surfactants form a micelle, the lipophilic ends form the center of the micelle while the hydrophilic ends form the outside of the micelle. This is why these micelles are so good at removing makeup as all the oil gets trapped in the center and is easily removed! (Passed right over your head?? Umm i guess i tried my best to explain this concept.. :p) Anyways that was my inside pharmacist popping out! Lets push it back in!

So now coming to the review..

The Garnier micellar water comes in a clear plastic bottle with a pink lid. The back has the ingredients alongwith directions of use. The bottle is simple and sturdy and i love that it is clear so i can see how much product is left. The lid is a click-open one and the click is pretty tight as well (if you know what i mean). It has a nozzle opening which helps control the amount of product dispensed..

It is hypoallergenic so it does not irritate the skin at all. It is also dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested so can be used on the eyes without any irritation. It is also perfume free. I love to remove my eyemakeup with it as it prevents me from becoming a panda (the look you get when you rub a cleansing oil over your eyes to remove the makeup). 

You get 400ml of the micellar water which is an extremely generous amount for the price paid. You can get 200 uses out of it considering that 2ml is used per cotton pad.. It will definitely last a long time and is extremely budget-friendly!

I take adequate amount of this micellar water on a cotton pad and press the pad gently against my eye for atleast 30 seconds.. I then gently wipe my eye and Voila! All makeup removed. I go over it with another cotton pad soaked in micellar water just to ensure that all makeup has been removed. For the face i simply wipe off the makeup with a cotton pad soaked in the micellar water. It does not require any rinsing so all you need to do is just wipe off and it leaves the face super clean and cleansed. It does not dry out the skin at all. It definitely is my Holy Grail makeup remover!

I haven't seen it anywhere in Pakistan yet. It can be ordered through facebook pages like Zensky. I am not sure about how much it would cost. I really hope it is introduced in Pakistan soon as what am i going to do when i run out of mine (*mini anxiety attack*)

I got mine for a mere 3.32 Pounds from Superdrug

It can also be found at drugstores around the globe easily at an affordable price.

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I hope you enjoyed this post :)

Have you tried any Micellar Cleansing Water? I would love to know about that :)



  1. A very nice & elaborate review... Loved it.

  2. Nice post. Hope we can get it in Pakistan too.

  3. lovely sundas....this product looks super amazing.. would definitely buy it....loved it.